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still have not identified the breach that led to her getting the virus. they did say the people that duncan had contact with were hospitalized and have now passed two thirds of the critical incubation. without any symptoms which is very good news. and health care workers that may have had contact are being closely monitored. we will tell you more about the with the world health organization. airports willu.s. begin added screening for passengers thursday. and they take the temperature of people entering the country from the three west african nations. theirrport began
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screening over the weekend. the outbreak and the impact on america continues. you'll get the latest from dallas. we are learning more details about the nurse. and the risk of it mutating impacting how it is spread. the first line of defense against an outbreak. >> the details coming into the newsroom about a fairfax county school bus driver accused of inappropriately touching a student. johnny miller is facing charges of assault. it involves a 13-year-old special-needs student. they told school officials he was playing a little tickle game with the child. new details about this driver. president obama is moving
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with military commanders and defense chiefs against other nations to discuss how to combat isil. of theithin 10 miles baghdad airport and making strong gains in its efforts to take the town of kobani on the syria and turkey border. includes apache helicopters to protect baghdad. stepcalled it an important in the international fight. we want to remind you that coming up there's day, we will have a live national town hall. the town hall meeting audience will be near the top of the page. this is crazy video.
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violence breaking out on a metro train in baltimore. check this out. this video from july appears to show two men trying to push an older man off the train. they're actively investigating this incident but the city needs the public's help. this video is raising questions on the safety of passengers on board this train. on metrore arrested buses and 16 arrested on the light rail in the area. clouds and theof sun today, we are preparing for a big change coming our way. >> carolina and virginia, prompting some flood watches.
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the main area of rain south through georgia, that's ahead of the cold front bringing heavy rain there and tomorrow. the flash flood watch goes into effect at midnight. to get the initial effects from this very strong cold front. be partlyr area will cloudy, breezy, and mild. day,ted showers during the that's when it gets really interesting. change in kansas city, breezy with gusty wind. itperature in the 50's, might be as cold as 42 when the fans wake up. we will have more in a few minutes.
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>> no matter what the weather is, tonight will make or break a game big time. >> this is a huge game. a sensational day in kansas city today, 65 degrees. and the middle innings, it will get cold. if the orioles need to get hot. i'm not talking about the weather. format was seven adopted back in 1969. no team has rebounded to the world series. still, a very cool buck showalter says he is very confident. >> i am 96 reasons to be confident in our guys. it has these two teams, these four teams meeting and you can create a lot of positive
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feelings about it. >> ye have to get back to swinging. >> i think everybody agrees. team in baseball. in other sports news, alice cowboys player has been arrested , accused of stealing underwear and cologne. the running back joseph randall took these items and the tupac -- the pack of underwear.
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is charged with misdemeanor theft. his salary is just under half $1 million a year. >> is the catholic church shifting to a more open attitude when it comes to gay church members? andeting between the pope bishops are taking place in vatican city today. >> it was softening on its stance. theyatican report says appreciate them. the wording so far as to say gifts and have " qualities to offer the christian community. " thislics are reacting to
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revolutionary shift. >> it's what catholics should , a body of people. >> the church is going to a good change and that's very important in our life. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> gay and lesbian couples are not the only ones out there with a close eye on this big news. they say it should not be viewed as a step toward actually rewriting church doctrine. .ai jackson is here >> it's a big deal to people talking about it. centuries of doctrine doesn't just change overnight.
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we are asking you what your thoughts are. those are the thoughts we are seeing today, but not all of them. join the conversation by going to our facebook page. could might change that protect 14 million major illnesses. >> and trading in your boarding pass. .> a big financial incentive >> and what to expect behind the
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cold front. >> a federal study names the most expensive city in the country. it if you are watching me right now, you're probably pretty close to it
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>> one day after we learned the d c area was among the first -- worst cities in the country when it comes to rats, another city has earned a rather dubious distinction. >> it costs more to live here than anywhere else in the entire country. live near logan circle with the product back. >> this study was done by the federal bureau of labor and statistics. ,ust to put this in perspective
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one of the trendiest restaurants in the metro area. a couple years ago, this was the old shirt laundry. these condos going there are apartments on the market right now, 2600 a month for a one bedroom. prices, itout the was pretty dicey. it cost him a pretty penny. >> it's a little bit better.
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three times what it cost for a we will have, so to ask the rats. >> and once you are in the top three, it's expensive. differencethe between 40 below are 43 below? >> this report is spurring a lot of debate on social media. >> housing and salaries, they
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say i would like to see a decent place to live in d.c.. karen says more like the most you can't buy food of less than $30,000 a year. go to our page and tell us what you think. >> this brings us to our question of the day. his $28,000 a year a fair price to call yourself a washingtonian? that is the average price.
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>> the number of americans driving down 1.5%. saysublic interest groups it should be a wake-up call to increase public transportation options and to improve walkable neighborhoods. >> a massive storm system swept its way through the south for a second day causing some flooding. atlanta.happening in at the same system also spurred tornadoes and arkansas and missouri yesterday. really ominous when you look at that and see what headed our direction. >> the atmospherics are 800 or
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900 miles to the southwest. you get thunderstorms and high winds but not to that level. beautiful now, but just temporary. things will change. along the shenandoah valley. the initial movement is from south to north. the rain showers will stay.
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during the day tomorrow, we will see significant changes. cooler temperatures back to the west. city.kansas at air is pushing behind the cold front that it's what the to make a big surge of moisture. that where the flood and we are in effect will see the heaviest rain and heaviest downpours and watches and warnings.
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it continues to converge overhead. see things finally settle down a bit as we had to the day. it will definitely be a day you want to keep in close touch with us. >> we will do that. your favorite cereal may be on a bad new list. which ones are dubbed the unhealthiest. >> and a live report from dallas where a nurse battling the ebola virus. >> and incentives for mothers to wait a few years? >> and incentives for mothers to wait a few years?
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so join the millions who enjoy the difference fios makes and get a fios triple play online atan amazing price guaranteed for two years. sign up now and get $300 back with a 2-year agreement. and as an extra bonus from verizon wireless, a free lg tablet, or up to $200 off any tablet. go to today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> let's get it checked on the traffic session now. >> back to normal rush hour today and plenty of volume headed south out of springfield. the problem was a crash but the parkway now cleared. and right now on the beltway in college park, we see some delay coming up. ofing out of the district
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the left side of the screen, heavy volume doing well on d.c. 295. beltway.ook at the getting up to 270, 66 west also out. montgomery, no incident to report. good one. and apple are helping women employees focus on their career now but still have children later. >> take a look at how they are doing this with financial incentive. >> uc does those as on the side of your screen? utility.en ads for facebook is all but encouraging
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its own employees to freeze their bags. -- their eggs. >> a lot of insurance companies don't cover it. >> starting to look at my careers. something that was pretty popular for a lot of women. >> between the ages of 30 and 40 when most women's fertility begins to decline, it can be a thet time for them to climb career ladder. they don't want women to have to choose between a career or children so they are offering this via their health care plan. something people are talking about on social media today. >> their personal decisions, you will have a lot of women
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applauding this move. >> are ready hard for women to break through. >> back to you. one strainarch tying to 14 million dangerous illnesses. learn how to protect yourself, just ahead. >> it could make boarding an airplane as simple as raising your thumb.
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>> you're watching abc seven news at 4:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> her first statement comes as though world health organization makes a grim prediction about the disease's bread. -- spread. >> it is the latest about what we're doing. >> she released a statement today saying that she feels she is in good health and she says is the best doctors and nurses in the world. brantley, we heard from the cdc director that admitted that they didn't have that strong a response as they probably should have to the
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first ebola case. she was wearing full protective gear and health officials, they pinpoint how they became infected. health-care workers are concerned with the cdc still may haveat others contracted it. they are being monitored daily as a precaution. >> just before we let you go, what ise let you go, morale like? taking the oxygen out of the room there.
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and one of the colleagues have been stricken by it. >> we heard from one nurse that said she is absolutely concerned. she is worried the protective gear they are wearing is not enough to keep them safe. they understand their concerns. said, should there be an outbreak, people will be notified as soon as possible. >> the coverage of ebola in america, we will have the latest report on the centers for disease control and worries on if ebola will mutate. you can worry about the symptoms online. >> we know that smoking is bad
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for you and responsible for an even more health conditions smoking causing 14 major medical conditions every year. the most common is pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis. in other health news tonight, honey nut cheerios is the nation's most popular cereal brand. list ofid not make the healthiest cereals. 301 cereals based on calories, sugar, sodium content. here are some of the unhealthiest. boo berry. rice krispies treats. pebbles.ty charms, renaud a low-fat
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multigrain with raisins. nature's path organic millet puffs. quaker oats old fashioned. if you want to see a full list, go to what's a millet puff? [laughter] >> eat one and come back and tell us. >> up probably should eat one. >> if it sounds awful, it's got to be good for you. >> the low-fat granola in the title. >> lots of sugar. you will probably want to grab a raincoat. >> the timing of some potentially nasty weather. >> a big change coming to our pattern. partly cloudy, breezy, and warm. there is an area coming to north
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carolina off the atlantic. that is a surge region for the flash flood watch. look at the red blocks. a potential for very heavy rain. kind of a page at of late summer weather. overnight, showers west. tomorrow with the storms approaching, there is heavy rain. our computer model is an estimate of the rainfall.
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>> in the meantime, air travel. it may soon be at everyone's fingertips. >> the question is, are you willing to give this up? useka airlines wants to biometric scanners. the changes come after concerns about the security of passenger id. is working with the tsa and other airlines to possibly expand the fingerprint program. it ultimately means shorter lines through passenger lounges and other check points.
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kearns about the security of the fingerprint data. >> [indiscernible] >> we want to find out what people were saying about this and as you can imagine, questions are coming in. good news for those people. there will be people that decide to take up the tsa on this. this is alaska airlines and a pilot program at this point.
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>> they wonder about a sense of security that the fingerprints will be taken or hacked or used for something else. >> they can't do much with your fingerprint. i have more concern about the other data. >> less than three dollars a gallon? >> that's low. onthe hero that put his life the line to save his neighbors. woman, she stole it from her neighbors house.
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district court to plead guilty. it we are the only channel that plead guilty. it we are the only channel that
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>> we are hearing from a man
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that suffered injuries protecting his neighbor. >> the fire broke out in a condo in montgomery county. we spoke with the man who went toe to toe with that fire to save trapped neighbor. >> i tried opening the door and it was really hot. blistered, fingers he tells us how he woke up to the streams of fire and quickly noticed the flames consuming his neighbors condo. him i wasup so i told going to find a fire extinguisher. knew at least one resident was trapped, a man described as a hoarder surrounded by smoke inside of his unit where the fire started. firefighters could barely move around inside. >> the whole back porch was engulfed in flames. and helpxes and papers
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fuel the fire. he only had minutes to get out safely. >> i ran up stairs as fast as i could, got her out and banged on every neighbors door. he suffered smoke inhalation and is in serious but stable condition. two other neighbors were also taken to the hospital. a firefighter sustained minor injuries. >> it could've easily spread throughout the building. those in the hospitals are expected to survive. , fireng the building investigators are still working to figure out the cause of this fire that quickly escalated. >> threes are being replaced by two's at gas stations all across the country.
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some of the cheapest license to fill up as gas prices tumbled. >> are you thinking if you're late year next appointment or if the gas is crazy it but to? you need to be thinking about your own personal safety because a group of thieves is targeting what belongs to you when you -- when your back is literally turned. we will have much more on this morning of 14 different gas station robberies. >> still time to join the discussion about the question of the day. the most expensive place to live in the country.
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>> good news for your wallet. gas prices are to their lowest level in years. some are selling regular for under three dollars a gallon. liven the place where you can find gas this cheap. >> one of the drivers we talked to today couldn't be happier to fill up their tanks.
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take a look behind me. we are finding prices in parts of virginia and maryland going under three dollars a gallon. route three,s at and not just here. 89gainesville, two dollars cents and just under three dollars in arlington. the average has continued to three dollarsw and $.19 a gallon. say the prices are dropping and they hope it stays that way for a while. wewe were talking about couldn't remember the last time prices were like this. more onll explain much why these prices are falling right now. >> let's get to our question of the day. the cost to live in d.c. is shocking quite it did of people.
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>> maybe everyone except those horribly fear and trying to make ends meet. are people surprised by the stats that show our area is the most expensive in the country? go back to this topic because there was no shortage of comments. people have insightful thoughts. people were surprised, they thought the actual costs were much higher than the agency quoted in. barbara says $2000 a month for rent, a two-bedroom apartment without washer and dryer. it's a lot of money. said that's the reason we moved to jacksonville. capitahest tax rate per and no voting representation. see new yorkike to city and san francisco.
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the bureau of labor statistics calculated where salaries were in the subsidiary cost of everything else. at his face value, new york and san francisco would be higher than washington. join the conversation by going to our facebook page and letting us know what you think. >> this is a story you're going to want to see. it might be the cutest dance off ever. the video was posted to facebook last week and has now been viewed more than 600 million times. charlie's mom says the eight-year-old often dances to patrick swayze in that final scene of dirty dancing. she just got it on video this time.
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fewook one hip-hop class a years ago, otherwise it's all on his own. >> nobody puts baby in the corner. >> he has the moves, charlie. >> maybe dancing with the stars. have a crazy day tomorrow. gusty wind and warm temperatures, heavy rain and heavy storms, it could be a really nasty day. but we will get you through. a live look at the rooftop camera in arlington and across the river, the skies and areas of clouds, very comfortable with temperatures may upper 70's to about 80. the rain continues west of the metro area and i think indications are it will stay there. the mid-level wind pretty consistent. the blue ridge for the most part, affecting the metro area overnight and most of the
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activity tonight will be heavier elements, which is why the flash flood watch goes into effect at midnight. overnight, the area isolated showers moving with temperatures in the upper 60's. a very warm night with the sustained southeasterly winds. temperatures reflecting that through the mid-atlantic and the carolinas. the real cool air back behind the cold front really pushing across central and northern sections of wisconsin. in the metro area tomorrow, we see all moisture comverge ahead of a front. the futurecast shows the timing that by midmorning tomorrow, it will be closer to today, heavy rain and a lot of things to keep an eye on. the heavy rain is expected to
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primarily stay west of blue an inch of rain widespread and beyond that, we will watch for thunderstorms to mix in along with strong gusty wind. >> very good. thank you very much. >> let's get it check of the traffic situation. hey, bob. directions and headed to the beltway, slow and [indiscernible] seeing some volume now, but westbound dulles toll road, there's a crash at the fairfax county parkway that has traffic back up right now. at 95 in virginia, just volumes of delays. still the heaviest delays beyond that our south in the express lane. baltimore-washington parkway has
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a crash. that is what 270 looks like. nothing unusual there. slow with the lanes open. coming up next, frightening moments in the sky. passengers reacted when they saw the walls of their airliner ". -- begin to buckle. >> a town hall meeting on the new terror threat. and you can be part of the audience. to get a seat, click on the town hall
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>> home it sounded like bowling
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balls falling from the overhead bin -- that's what one passenger says as they watched the plane begin to buckle. >> it was enough to prompt an emergency landing. >> but inside the cabin, a bit of panic as the actual insides of the jetliner were popping. loudere was a really popping and banging coming from the outside of the plane in quick succession and working its way in. the interior panel buckled and. >> wall panels a cooling and pulling apart. >> we weren't sure if we were going to make it. >> some of the 184 passengers were so concerned they called the crew to look. that's when the pilot decided to turn the flight back to san francisco. >> the passenger said you need to come over here and take a look at this. >> it turns out it was nothing
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to do with pressure is asian. it was it air duct running along the wall that blue, pushing that panels apart, but nobody was sure of that up in the air. >> we were very thankful when they changed their mind to turn around and make an emergency lack -- emergency landing. >> american airlines calls this a cosmetic issue, but that doesn't mean there were a few scary moments for the passengers who should get to dallas today. >> live, from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 5:00 -- on your side. >> a school bus driver, a 13-year-old student, and police are investigating. a man tasks with keeping children safe is being accused of sexually assaulting one of them. , a fairfax county bus
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driver. >> he was helping a young girl say her seatbelt limply touched her inappropriately. >> jeff goldberg is live in springfield with what led lease to that conclusion -- led police to that conclusion. bus driver was fairfax county since 1991 and his record had been cleaned prior to this incident. he was arrested last month on september 11, but this war and recently made public details what happened on that bus at the school behind me, leading to charges of assault and battery of a 13-year-old girl. they are vulnerable children who depend on the care and trust of others out but police say johnnie miller violated that trust. driver for a special education school in springfield and is accused of sexually
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assaulting a 13-year-old female special needs newton early last may. according to court papers, he touched the girl inappropriately while strapping her into a safety seat. actions caught on surveillance video. a public school investigator who said he watched the video, you can hear the girl squealed during the incident and it appears miller is intentionally blocking the camera. >> i'm shocked to hear that happened. >> a school bus attendant says she started going concern on may 6. two days later, she boarded the bus before it left and miller yanked his hand away from the young girl as he saw the attendant approached. when questioned by police, miller said it was a tickle game he plays with the girl. parent the incident, one has not lost faith in the center. >> i totally trust the school. >> johnnie miller


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